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Camper Van Insurance

15 Dec 2021

5 Tips to Keep Your Caravan or Motorhome Safe and Secure

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At Stuart Insurances, we know a thing or two about protecting vehicles, as the comprehensive camper insurance we offer helps to keep motorhomes safe all the way across Ireland. We can’t be there all the time, however, so we’ve put together some handy tips on keeping intruders out.

Like it or not, criminals often target camper vans because they’re not only valuable, but they tend to be filled to the brim with other expensive items. Follow just some of these ideas and you make the job of getting in that much harder for would-be thieves. 

Tip #1 - Being Vigilant

Perhaps the biggest weapon you have in your arsenal against the campervan thieves (other than your camper insurance) is you! By being on top of keeping your motorhome secure every time you leave it, you actively discourage anyone trying to get in. We’re talking about closing and locking all windows and doors and not leaving anything valuable on display.

Tip #2 - Fitting Wheel Clamps

If your camper van is your second vehicle and it spends a good amount of time parked on your drive, installing a wheel clamp can be a highly effective, highly visible deterrent. We’d recommend buying one from one of the best rated clamps on the market to ensure that it’s able to withstand an attack from a thief who's intent on robbing you of your pride and joy.

Tip #3 - Fitting an Alarm

An alarm can be another highly effective deterrent to camper van thieves, as it will not only alert you when anyone tries to unlawfully enter your motorhome, but the window stickers that typically come with a camper alarm often lead to the thief not even trying to get in.

An added benefit of any security device you have fitted to your car is that your camper insurance premiums will sometimes end up being lower as a result!

Tip #4 - Use a Steering Wheel Lock

Another excellent, visible deterrent you can use is a steering lock that prevents anyone without a key from being able to turn the steering wheel. There’s quite a selection available, with bar-locks, chain locks, circular locks and padlocks all more than capable of doing the job. 

Tip #5 - Immobilisers & Trackers

Last on our list are fitted trackers and immobilisers, both add an extra layer of security for your camper van. The tracker is a monitoring device which allows you to locate your vehicle in the event of it being stolen, however, an immobiliser will prevent the camper from even starting. Have both installed and the thieves stand no chance at all!

Campervan Insurance in Ireland You Can Trust

The more you can do to deter camper van thieves, the better it is as prevention is certainly better than a cure. The tips in our blog can be highly effective used in isolation and can make your camper van nigh on impenetrable when used together. 

At Stuart Insurances Ltd, we offer a comprehensive range of camper insurance, so if you’ve just bought a camper van or you’re looking for campervan insurance renewal, we’d love to hear from you. You can find us online at and our friendly team is available on (01) 288-1779 right now.

We hope you have found our blog interesting and that it helps you to keep your motorhome as it should be - safe and sound. Thanks for reading, we’ll see you again next time.

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