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Camper Van Insurance

13 Oct 2020

Best Campervan Conversions to Make The Most of Your Next Adventure

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If you love campervanning, you’ll know that you’re certainly not on your own in needing great camper insurance. Everyone from the 9 to 5-ers to those looking to live ‘off-the-grid’ is taking to their mobile homes from home and many of them are getting creative in an attempt to make them even more comfortable and homely!

Here we look at some of the most imaginative uses of space in campervans. Perhaps you might even get some inspiration to change your own camper’s interior. Just remember that you should fully disclose any major modifications during your next campervan insurance renew conversation you have with the Stuart Insurance team. Let’s take a look at a few of those modifications now.

A Mercedes Sprinter Conversion by Outside Van

Created by Outside Van - a major converter of custom campervans - this innovative Mercedes Sprinter conversion design places the bed half-way up the inside of the vehicle, which leaves ample room for storing several bicycles, storage space and everything you might need whilst on the road underneath. It even has a passenger seat that swivels and a spacious kitchen. A masterclass in efficient use of space.

A Super-Cool VW T25 Camper Conversion by Rob Heran

From the mind of mountain bike fanatic Rober Heran, we have an uber-cool Volkswagen T25 camper with blacked-out windows with top-tent (for extra room) and a bike rack to boot! Equipped with LED lights, a 100-watt solar panel and an inflatable tent that’s kept in the roof rack, it makes it super easy to get comfortable in the right spot, as there’s no need for any poles to be erected. Just make sure you have plenty of breath to spare!

A Renault Traffic Conversion With All the Mod-Cons

Whilst this Renault van isn’t one of the most popular around, German conversion company ‘Komapanja’ have turned one into a camper that offers real luxury. Providing a calm and peaceful place for any couple or family to bed down for the night and lots of storage, this creation even has a home cinema thanks to its portable projector. Lay back, watch a movie and you might even forget that you’re not at home! 

Comprehensive Campervan Insurance in Ireland

As you can see, there are many ways you can make your camper more functional, comfortable and well, simply amazing! That said, what you do have to remember that you’re going to need the most comprehensive campervan insurance Ireland can offer, as the last thing you want is to leave your pride and joy unprotected after you put so much effort and money into converting it.

If you want to renew your insurance or you’re looking for your first campervan policy, we’d love to hear from you. Just head over to or talk to our friendly experts on (01) 426 4881 and they’ll do their utmost to find you the perfect cover. That’s it from us this time. Check back with us soon for more from the home of top-quality campervan insurance. We’ll see you next time.

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