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24 Mar 2020

Motorhome Gatherings in Ireland Suspended By IMCC Due to COVID-19

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The Coronavirus epidemic we’re all currently facing is having far-reaching, widespread effects on the world as a whole and this, unfortunately, is also having a profound impact on the motorhome community. This is illustrated by the fact that the Irish Motor Caravanner’s Club (IMCC) Committee has taken the unprecedented step of suspending the rally programme indefinitely because of concerns over the virus.

Indefinite Delays

As there is obviously no end in sight to the spread of the Coronavirus and movement is becoming increasingly restricted as a result, the decision has been taken to suspend the entire 2020 programme of events that can be seen via this link They’ve also asked anyone affected by this suspension looking for additional information to either source it from the IMCC website or to contact any of the committee members.

An Exceptional Time

We understand the joy that caravanning brings to so many people across Ireland, but we encourage everyone out there to adhere to all official current advice concerning social distancing and refraining from any unnecessary public gatherings - whether related to caravanning or otherwise. The sooner the threat that COVID-19 presents is under control, the better it is for everyone and the sooner everyone can get back to normality.

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