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Camper Van Insurance

01 Jun 2021

How to Choose the Right Base For Your Campervan

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At Stuart Insurances, we offer a wide range of comprehensive camper insurance policies to keep you protected whilst out on the road. We regularly write blogs like this one to help campers get more out of their trips away and here we continue in that vein by offering you some advice on how to choose the right base for your campervan conversion. 

Like anything, your camper conversion needs to be built on sound foundations, so getting the right type for your needs is important. Let’s take a look at a few of the types of base on offer.

Type #1 - Panel Van

One of the most popular types available is the panel van - the type that your average courier driver tends to use. Camper insurance for this kind of van is usually quite reasonable and parts are easy to come by - so it’s easy to see their appeal. Many also allow you to stand up inside, which is an obvious benefit when you’re spending lots of time living in one. 

Popular models in this category include the Ford Transit, the Mercedes Sprinter, the Iveco Daily and of course, the VW Transporter.

Type #2 - The Minibus
Another popular type used for camper conversions are mini buses, which are different from panel vans in that they already have windows. Dormobiles are popular options for this type of use, as they let lots of light in and privacy can be achieved by blacking out the desired amount of windows. 

What’s more, any seats that you don’t want can easily be removed and even sold on ebay, the proceeds of which you can put towards your campervan insurance premium. 

Type #3 - The Car-Derived Van

The third type is the car-derived van, which is basically a car that has a big area at the rear (like a van), however, they don’t offer too much in the way of internal space. You get a little less room than you would in a VW Transporter, but they’re ideal if there’s just the two of you going out for a Summer trip.

Examples of this kind of vehicle include the Citroen Jumpy and the Fiat Scudo.

A Wealth of Choice Available

This is not an exhaustive list of the base van types available for camper use, but hopefully you’ll see from just the selection that we’ve talked about that there is a wealth of choice on offer. There’s also a lot of choice in Campervan insurance on the market and the Stuart Insurances team are able to find the ideal policies to fit your precise requirements.

Please note also that you won’t be able to take out a campervan policy until such time as the conversion from van to campervan has been completed. If you would like to know more about us and what we offer, please visit us online at Alternatively, if you would like to speak to us directly to discuss your needs or obtain a quote, please give us a call on 01 288 1779 and we’ll be more than happy to help. 

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