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24 Jan 2022

Introducing a Home From Home In the Mercedes V Class Marco Polo

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At Stuart Insurances, we offer tailored campervan insurance to our many customers across Ireland and when we’re not doing that, we’re spending time putting together blogs like this one to bring you tips and news from the campervanning world. Today, we’re here to tell you about a great vehicle for this very purpose - the Mercedes V Class Marco Polo. 

This beauty that’s named after the 13th century explorer from Venice is based on the Mercedes V Class MPV and its one that comes with a powerful 2.0 litre diesel engine. It represents a purpose-built camper with all the necessary mod cons for a relaxing few days away, so it’s crucial that you have adequate camper insurance in place as an owner, as it’s a vehicle that attracts attention.  

Performance On The Way to the Campsite

While people don’t typically buy campervans because of their speed and handling, it’s nice to know that the one you’re driving has a bit of ‘oomph’ when you need it the most. The Mercedes Marco Polo certainly has this, provided by one of the quietest camper engines you’re likely to find. 

Of course, you’re not going to be throwing your campervan into corners, which is just as well, as unsurprisingly, with all the extra home-from-home features inside, it can feel a little ‘top heavy’ when compared to a standard type of van. That said, it is only a slight feeling. 

A True Home From Home

The basic mod cons are more than covered with the Marco Polo, as it features a fully functioning kitchen, as well as a couple of double beds. Available and ready to go from a main dealer, it feels nice and luxurious inside, with the kind of plush, soft-plastic interior you’d usually find in a car.

Owners of this cool camper also get yacht flooring that looks just like wood, as well as ambient lighting and comfortable seating that will make you feel very much like you’re on a glamping trip! Visibility when manoeuvring backwards would be tricky, if each one didn’t come with parking sensors - which they do.

All in all, this is a top-rated campervan that does cost a pretty penny, but what you get for this investment is luxury on the road in a neat, preformed package. So, if you’re not someone who’s not into modifying their ride for comfort, this ‘out-of-the-box’ vehicle ticks all the right boxes.

Great Campers Like This Need Tailored Camper Insurance

One thing is for certain - new campervans like this make life on the open road that much more comfortable - making them highly desirable and often targeted by thieves. That’s why having suitable campervan insurance is vital to protect your vehicle and belongings when away from home.

At Stuart Insurances, we offer tailored camper insurance that can be set up to protect not just your prized camper, but also everything you keep inside. So if you’d like to explore getting insurance for your campervan that fits you like a glove, call our advisors today on 01 288 1779. 

Alternatively, if you’d like to find out more about us and how we do things, visit us online at and take a look around. There you’ll discover what separates us from our competition. 

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