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Camper Van Insurance

23 Nov 2021

Introducing the New Hyundai Porest Campervan

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At Stuart Insurances, we provide comprehensive camper insurance cover that ensures our customers are fully protected when they’re travelling up and down Ireland’s roads. When we’re not doing that, we spend time creating blogs like this one to inform our readers about news, tips and advice designed to help you get the most out of campervanning.

In this blog, we talk about a new entrant on the campervan market and it’s one that is about as well kitted-out as any campervan we’ve ever seen. Full of high-tech features and innovative designs that make life on the road so much more comfortable, the Hyundai Porest is sure to be a popular choice.

An Incredible Range of Features

To call the Hyundai Porest feature-packed actually does something of a disservice, as a lot of work has clearly gone into making the vehicle one of the most intuitive and comfortable campers on the market. Let’s take a quick look at just some of the many winning features.

  • An integrated/retractable awning - to provide a covered outside area
  • Extended side mirrors - offering enhanced visibility for safer driving
  • Modular seats - that can be easily configured to ‘travel mode’, ‘camping mode’ or ‘bedroom mode’ depending on what the moment requires
  • An Electronic Smart Room - delivering extra sleeping space
  • Indoor lighting - which can be easily transformed into a power bunk bed
  • Fully functional bathroom - coming with folding sink, toilet, mirror and lots of storage
  • Kitchen area - complete with microwave, fridge, sink and lots of cabinet space
  • DC Air Conditioner - providing cool, fresh air - even when the engine isn’t running
  • Powered Roof Fan - delivering automatic ventilation
  • Oodles of luggage space - for your belongings and camping equipment 

Last, but by no means least, you have the smart controller, featuring an intuitive touchscreen, from which it’s possible to control all the electronic features in the camper. It even allows you to connect your smartphone, allowing you to control lighting, cabin temperature and everything else remotely.

Keeping Your Prized Campervan & Contents Protected

So, by all accounts it would seem like the Hyundai Porest is a great camper option and undoubtedly when you take a vehicle like this one out on the road, you need to know that you’ve adequate campervan insurance in place to ensure it’s protected, along with everything inside.

That’s something we can help you with by providing you with campervan insurance that meets your every need. If you would like to know more about us and how we operate at Stuart Insurances, visit us today at

Our friendly advisors are here to help you to get the cover you need and protect what’s important to you. Alternatively, to speak to us directly, give us a call on 01 288 1779

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