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Camper Van Insurance

01 Jul 2021

Ireland's Boom For Campervanning & The Freedom It Offers

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Ireland has long been a place where campervanning represents a popular way to get out and experience the great outdoors. We know, because at Stuart Insurances, we’ve been providing tailored camper insurance to our customers across the country for years.

However, thanks to lockdowns caused by Covid-19, the pastime, hobby or obsession (this varies from person to person), has seen something of an explosion over the last year or so. Offering a home from home, complete with comforts, cooking and sleeping facilities, campers have their very own unique appeal.

Cost-saving, Dream-Making Appeal

Whether this increased popularity is due to the affordable nature of the breaks and getaways a campervan provides access to or the fact that social media has pictured campervanning as the ideal opportunity to live by the beach as and when you want to, is unclear, but its popularity gains pace nonetheless.

That’s not to say that campervans themselves are cheap, as they’re often not, with many custom-built high-end campers being worth tens of thousands of euros. Of course, it’s great if you can afford these highly-desirable campers, but what many do is convert the types of van you see being driven by courier drivers across the country into their own mobile palaces!

It’s very possible to convert a standard transit into a super-comfy, well-equipped camper yourself, however, it does help if you’re good at DIY! This much more accessible route into the pastime also has the added benefit of coming with lower camper insurance premiums and the knowledge that you created this haven of relaxation with your own two hands.

Holidaying Freedom Without Covid Restrictions

However we’ve arrived at this point, there’s no doubting the fact that campervanning is enjoying a huge boom in popularity right now and if you’re thinking of getting into yourself, our team is here to find you a perfectly tailored camper insurance policy when you need it. Whether you’re after cover to protect just the camper or everything else inside as well, we’ve got you covered.

So, if you’d like to know more about what we can do for you, simply visit us online at where you’ll find everything you need to know. Alternatively, for a tailored quote, give our team a call on (01) 288-1779 and we’ll do everything we can to help.

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