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30 Jun 2020

So, How Do European Motorhomes Differ From US Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

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When we think of camper vans or motor homes in Europe, we have a distinct idea of what kind experience you’ll have when you travel in one. However, when we look over the Atlantic Ocean to the shores of the United States, you soon see that what passes for a motorhome there, is a very different animal.

In this blog, we take a look at 3 major differences between US RVs and European camper vans, so you get a good idea for what motorhome enthusiasts get to experience stateside. You might be surprised about just how different they are.

Difference #1 - Americans Do Things BIGGER!

The average size of a US RV is about 30 feet in length, which is enormous when compared against the European average of about 19-23 feet. They’re much wider too, often measuring in excess of 8 feet across, dwarfing the much narrower European varieties that average around 7 feet in width.

The reason for this is a pretty obvious one and it’s to do with European roads being so much tighter and narrower than those found in the US. Larger American RVs simply couldn’t navigate through the winding roads that connect the smaller towns and villages in Europe. 

Difference #2 - Motorhome ‘Slides’

Another really cool feature that you’ll find on US motorhomes, but not on their European equivalents are slides. These slides are sections found in US RVs that extend when the vehicle is stationary to increase the available space for those living inside. 

This innovative feature of the US RV is found in some types of European camper van, however, the slides tend to be much smaller. Around 2% of European motorhomes have sliders, whereas in the US, you’ll struggle to find one that doesn’t have them. 

Despite being really popular in the US, sliders haven’t really caught on over here, however, they are starting to become more commonly offered by manufacturers.

Difference #3 - The Use of Internal Space

The last major difference on our list relates to the use of internal space in each type of motorhome. American RVs don’t have an issue with available space, as there is an abundance of it inside, especially when you consider the sliders in the previous paragraph. European campervans and motorhomes don’t have this luxury.

With necessity being the mother of invention, European campervan manufacturers have had to get creative with how the comparatively restricted space inside is used. Not an inch inside is wasted, with clever storage solutions, pull out beds and multi-use areas featuring heavily.

People have certain minimum daily requirements when living away from home and all of these needs are met - although you possibly might not realise it when you first look inside. Americans like to do things BIG and that certainly applies with camper vans.

Complete Protection on the Road

As you can see there are many differences between US and EU motorhomes, with the main one being SIZE! We hope you found our blog interesting, as we know we found researching it to be absolutely fascinating. 

At Stuart Insurances Limited, we provide comprehensive camper van insurance to our customers across Ireland that keeps them fully protected whilst on the road. We’re proud of both the quality of the policies we offer, as well as customer satisfaction we deliver each and every day.

If you are interested in covering your camper van, we’d love to hear from you. You can find us online at and our friendly team is available to talk to on (01) 288-1779 now. Check back with us soon for more advice, tips and news on mobile living!

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