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08 May 2020

The Early Days of the Campervan - Episode 3

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At Stuart Insurance, we have comprehensive camper insurance policies available for campervan owners across Ireland. Regular visitors to our blog will remember that we’ve been talking about the history of the campervan and today we bring you episode 3. 

In this installment, we look at the 1960s and how a popular pastime really started to inspire people en masse to get out on the open road. Campervans had become much more widely used during the 50s, but the 60s took these iconic vehicles to the next level.

VW Creates its Two Millionth Transporter

1962 saw Volkswagen create its one millionth Transporter campervan in Hannover, Germany. It perhaps illustrates what a boom in popularity mobile home from homes enjoyed that it was just 6 years later that the two million mark was truck. Coincidentally, it’s at this point that a new era was ushered in at the German manufacturer.

Building on its previous success, VW stopped production of it’s hugely popular T1 model and replaced it by rolling out the T2. Despite looking very much the same as the T1 from the outside, it was inside that saw a big change. It had a brand new, higher performing engine, a single windscreen, a new suspension setup and a stabilising bar at the back.

Despite being more reliable and easier to drive, the T2 will be remembered mainly because of the iconic 1-piece windscreen that’s such a familiar sight on our roads today.

An Unprecedented Time of Freedom

Whilst campervanning had increased in popularity during the previous two decades, the sixties saw a huge jump in retail production - meaning that more and more people were afforded the freedom that caravanning and campervanning provided.

Along with the advances in fuel economy and functionality, campervans from the sixties were being manufactured on a purpose-built basis, meaning that they could be enjoyed and lived in - pretty much from day one. It truly was a golden time for fans of campervans.

If you’re in the market for some new campervan insurance or you’re looking to renew insurance for your motorhome, the Stuart Insurance team can most certainly help. You can find out more about the comprehensive policies that we offer by visiting us online at

Alternatively, you can get in contact by calling us on (01) 288-1779 where a member of our team will do their utmost to help you find the perfect camper insurance for your needs. Thanks for reading, we’ll be back soon with the next episode of our history of campervanning series.

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