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Here at Stuarts Insurances we are not just providers of campervan insurance, we offer insurance on a wide range of products including homes, caravans, mobile homes, holiday homes, not to mention we also have a long history working in the commercial and retail insurance sector.

Stuart Insurances was founded in 1978, long before we created Ireland’s first specialist scheme for campervans, but if you are one of our campervan insurance customers then you already know us and our team but you may not know that we also can help you with your caravan insurance

Caravan insurance Quotes - Simply give us a call at 01 288 1779 - We shop the market for you!

Caravan Insurance Tailored to your individual needs

We understand that when it comes to Caravan Insurance that peace of mind is what is most important. You want to sleep well knowing that if the worst happens with your Caravan that you will have the right insurance in place. Our tailored caravan insurance solution provide extensive cover for your caravan and its contents.

We do the work for you

We shop the market to ensure that we get the most suitable caravan insurance package based on your own individual needs.

The process is easy

Give us a call at 01 2881779 and we will have some questions to get you started on your journey to securing a great deal Mobile Home insurance solution from Stuart Insurances.

We are with you all the way

When you do need to make a claim, we will work with you and the insurance company to make sure that your claim is handled efficiently and settled quickly.

What is covered under a caravan insurance policy?

Mobile Home Insurance policies can have some differences between covers, depending on who the provider is, but most policies will cover the following;

- Damage to the caravan and/ or its contents caused by fire, storm (with certain restrictions), theft, and flood (restrictions can apply)

- Cover can usually be obtained for burst pipes/ escape of water damage but there are restrictions applying.

- Public and Employers liability

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