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16 Jul 2020

3 Tips For Campervan Novices

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If you’re new to life on the open road and you’re thinking of getting into campervanning, there’s a lot you need to know to make your life that bit easier. As well as ensuring you get good, comprehensive camper insurance, you can do little things that can really make a difference to your comfort levels. With this very much in mind, we now take a look at 3 handy tips for any novice camper van enthusiasts out there.

Tip #1 - You’re Not Going to Live Like You Do At Home

What many don’t consider when they’re getting out on the road is that you don’t live in quite the same way. At home, families tend to spend quite a lot of time apart doing their own thing, which just isn’t possible in a camper van. Make sure your camper is stocked with lots of joint pastimes and you’ll have much more enjoyable downtime.

Tip #2 - Travelling Light Is Better!

You should also try to only take with you what you need, as all you’ll end up doing is cluttering up your camper. All those items that seem like a good idea at the time may never get used and then all you’ve got is your space being taken up by stuff you just don’t need. Travelling nice and compact is always the best idea!

Tip #3 - Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better

Of course, the model of campervan you choose is going to be guided by your own personal taste and whilst more spacious campers can be more comfortable inside, it makes it harder to park and your camper insurance will cost you more. Opting for a smaller model will save you money AND make it much easier to find a space to park.

The Considered Choice for Camper Van Enthusiasts

At Stuart Insurance Ltd, we offer comprehensive camper insurance, home insurance, mobile home insurance and holiday home insurance. The policies we offer ensure that our customers are fully covered against all eventualities when they’re out and about on Ireland’s highways and byways.

If you’d like to know more about camper insurance products we supply, why not head over to our website today? Alternatively, should you require any advice, assistance for a great no-obligation quote give us a call on (01) 288-1779.

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