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Camper Van Insurance

01 Jul 2022

5 Innovative Campervans to Consider For 2022

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While the term campervan conjures up images of sleeping on a mattress in the back of a transit van, the technology in the field means that that’s definitely not the experience people have in the 2020s. There are some truly innovative campers on the market these days and in this Stuart Insurances blog, we take a look at some models that you’d definitely be needing good camper insurance for!

So let’s waste no time and get straight into those top campers you should consider for 2022! 

  • #1 - The Tofino - Based on a RAM Promaster 1500 chassis, the Tofino is a low-profile campervan with a 3.6-litre engine that sleeps 2 and offers the full range of mod cons. From the outside, it looks quite unassuming, but go inside and you’ll see a range of cutting-edge appliances for a comfortable time on the road.
  • #2 - The Nissan Dalbury - If you want an eco-friendly campervanning experience, then the Nissan Dalbury is the world’s first fully-electric camper. Able to charge up 80% in just ½ an hour and with 1000 watts of power to run all the home comforts inside. It also runs at around 2 cents per mile, so it’s super cost-effective too!
  • #3 - The Atlas Murphy Airstream - Next we have a truly luxurious camper that offers a ‘glamping’ experience - the Airstream. Everything is activated from the touch of a button, with a 40-inch TV, fridge/freezer, microwave and full bathroom, you might even forget that you’re not at home!
  • #4 - The Cascade - If home comforts aren’t really your thing and you’re an outdoorsy person who just wants a place to sleep, the cascade more than fits the bill. It’s a durable camper that’s a little basic in terms of amenities, but it does come with purpose-built bike storage and space for all those other camping must-haves. 
  • #5 - The Hyundai Porest - Lastly, we look at the Hyundai Porest, which is exceptional in its use of space. Featuring a dinette, a compact dinette and bathroom, this diesel-driven beauty sleeps as many as 8 people in relative comfort. 

Vehicles Like These Need Tailored Camper Insurance

There are some astonishing campervans on the market these days that might cost a pretty penny, but that offer a true home-from-home experience. 

It would be true to say that top-end campervans like these are targeted by thieves, so it’s vital that you have campervan insurance that protects you, your camper and everything in it.

To find out more about our tailored camper insurance, visit us today at or to speak to us directly, give us a call on 01 288 1779 and we’ll be more than happy to talk you through your options. 

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